Good Protein Sources for Vegans -

Good Protein Sources for Vegans

Best Protein Sources for Vegans

Vegans are people who follow a diet based on plant food items. They have purposely given up consumption of animal meat and dairy products. Moreover, we know that dairy products and animal meat are the primary sources of proteins. If vegans don’t consume these, from where do they get their proteins? Well, there are other sources of fulfilling the protein requirements. Even if you have stopped eating meat, you can get protein from healthy plant-based items.

The first or primary source of protein for vegans is soy protein. Soybean is an alternative of meat for vegans. In a number of Indian recipes, soy is used as the main ingredient. Our body needs protein to build muscles, keep us active, our skin and hair healthy. The Dietary Guidelines states that men need 60 grams of protein while women need 46 grams per day. Although, this requirement varies, depending upon their age and level of activeness.

If you are thinking that soy is the only source of protein for vegans, you are wrong. Here are a couple of vegan protein sources which will help you keep the protein levels on point.

Best Protein Sources for Vegans
Best Protein Sources for Vegans

Greek Yogurt


Another popular source of vegan protein is lentils. A cup of lentils has around 18 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber. With such nutrient content, lentils are a powerhouse ingredient. It will keep you full for quite some time. Lentils are good for heart health and weight management. Many Indian recipes are prepared based on lentils.

Chia seeds

A single tablespoon of chia seeds has 3 grams of protein. Whatever recipe you are cooking, remember every tablespoon of chia seed adds 3 grams of protein. It has high nutrient content such as fiber, protein and omega-3. They are used in a number of ways, like, in smoothies, chia jam, etc.


There are different types of beans, such as chickpeas, peas, black beans, kidney beans, etc. Each cup of beans used in Indian recipes serves 16 grams of protein. They have high fiber content and good for our health. It is easily available in the market.

Best Protein Sources for Vegans
Best Protein Sources for Vegans


Green soybeans are also known as edamame. It is a very basic ingredient in East Asian and Indian recipes. A quarter cup of edamame has 5 grams of protein in it. Edamame is a popular ingredient in sushi dishes. They are available both shelled and in the shell.

Don’t worry if you are planning to get on a vegan diet. Your daily nutrient requirements will be fulfilled through the above-mentioned ingredients.

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