How Veganism Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle -

How Veganism Can Affect Your Menstrual Cycle

Veganism And Menstrual Cycle

We love to be health conscious. Our health consciousness allows us to stay fit and healthy. In addition to it, we follow a particular diet to keep ourselves fit. We always look up to the brighter side of these diets. Have you ever thought of the darker side? Do you know that several diets have severe effects on our body? It does not restrict to physical change, weight loss and muscle buildup only.

Irrespective of your gender, every diet has a good as well as a bad effect on the body. The effects may vary from individual to individual. Men experience different effects while women experience different. More than men women experience the effects of following certain diets. This is because the body of a woman goes through drastic hormonal changes. A study on women health states that vegan diets have an effect on their menstrual cycle. Further, in this article, we will get to know whether these effects are good or bad.

Veganism And Menstrual Cycle
Veganism And Menstrual Cycle

Iron deficiency

It is evident that vegan people have a greater chance of developing iron deficiency. This is due to the lack of meat consumption. Veganism restricts the consumption of all kinds of animal product. The deficiency of iron in the blood leads to anemia. Other causes of deficiency of iron are a rapid iron loss, limited iron intake, etc. Menstruating women lose lots of iron during their menstrual cycle every month. This is a common cause of iron deficiency in women.

In addition to their periods, vegan women suffer more due to lack of meat consumption. Deficiency of iron further leads to low physical and mental growth. It weakens the immune system, causes complication during pregnancy, etc. The symptoms of iron deficiency are paleness, headache, fatigue, breathlessness, dizziness, etc. Women should avoid drinking coffee, tea and milk to curb iron deficiency. The tannins present in tea and calcium in milk restrains iron absorption. Foods rich in vitamin-C are good for fighting iron deficiency.

Menstrual Cycle Length

A study on women health stated that vegan women experience a proper menstrual cycle. The ovulation cycle for women following veganism was much more stable than others. Even though the population of vegans is pretty low, still it recorded positive results. However, researches on menstrual cycle length are still on process. Some general reasoning validates that vegan women are healthy than others. Firstly, vegans have low body weight. Secondly, they are physically super active. Thirdly, regular exercise and a vegan diet lead to long term fitness.

Veganism And Menstrual Cycle
Veganism And Menstrual Cycle

Increase In Pms And Menstrual Symptoms

Even though veganism keeps the menstrual cycle stable, the symptoms and PMS are unstable. A study shows that menstrual symptom and PMS increases rapidly in vegan women. As a result, they experience irregular periods as well as heavier periods. However, due to lack of valid information, researchers are unsure of its cause. One possible cause can be iron deficiency but it cannot be the only cause.

Consulting your doctor is the best option here. Your health is more important than your diet. If your diet is causing health issues then you should stop following it. Before jumping into any conclusion, consult your doctor.

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