Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In The History

Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In The History

The first-ever recorded legendary vegan was a famous vegan Indian by the name of Tippu Sultan. He lived during the fourth century BC and lived in a world that was one of the limited resources and even fewer plants. He served as the chief of the Dravidian kingdom that stretched from Tamil Nadu to Kerala. Here are some secrets of famous vegans in history.

To help replenish the food supply, Tippu invented a hybrid of a plant called Toor. It is the word used to refer to animal products. After this, he gave it the name ‘Toor (pronounced ‘tohr’)’.

Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In The History
Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In The History

It seems that when he first started using the word, he was referring to the first grain created from the ground. Soon, it became clear that the plants became much richer in oil and other edible products and so were introduced as the names soybean wheat. It is because he was competing with the Hindus, who had not yet discovered the first mill.

Famous Vegans In History

With a deep voice and a beard, he traveled around and heard what people ate. In his travels, he came across cow dung. It had been made into dung cakes and from which people made crude cooking stoves.

A lot of his biographers claim that he ate grass, but originally, he did not eat meat. According to them, the idea of a meatless diet came about after he saw what the cowmen and other cattle people at that time were eating.

One of the most effective sources of protein was milk. Hence, cows were transformed into ‘milk cows’. Although the second world war had hit India badly, so much so that the government banned the production of milk, people still went on living with the taste for cow’s milk.

Famous Vegans

A combination of milk and dung was eventually invented. They called it ‘bhuna,’ which meant ‘a blend of dung’ in the local language. In the olden days, it was believed that dung was the best milk. This made the use of milk inevitable for most of the people of that time.

Dairy products made an appearance in Indian cuisine by using them as a substitute for meat. It was not until the middle of the twentieth century that dairy products were seen as a delicacy and were more widely eaten. As a result, the importance of the cow became more prominent.

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During the early part of the twentieth century, there was a marked rise in the popularity of cowbells. Another cow-based culture and this government support for these were responsible for a revival of the royal past. Many of the old customs, such as braiding and tattooing were adopted by the younger generation. A lot of new customs persisted and even today you can still see folk crafts such as ‘beef stick,’ which are a direct reflection of the period of royal rule.

In fact, with the rise in popularity, the need for a large number of dairies became very apparent. After these first were established, cow farming began to take hold and eventually turned into an industrial process which involved animal husbandry and breeding.

Bottom Line

Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In History
Incredible Secrets Of Famous Vegans In The History

Since this country is a world leader in the food industry, it is unsurprising that our first vegan celebrity is an Indian-born American actress by the name of Uma Thurman. She is a firm vegetarian but since she lives in the UK. She has had a lot of time to become acquainted with vegetarian cuisine.

It is interesting to note that, with the rise in popularity, many famous vegans have switched to vegetarianism as well. It is possible that some famous vegans in history could have been famous vegans in history simply because they chose a healthy lifestyle that included going for vegetarianism.

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