Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle

Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle

Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, a good protein diet is critical. After all, there is no magic pill. It’s not just a matter of taking the right protein source.

To build muscle, you need protein to build muscle, we need complex carbs and fats and some form of fat to help convert the proteins to energy. The right protein source is just as important as the quantity that you’re going to consume. It’s also important to note that protein has been shown to have an effect on body composition. In other words, it makes us look better and bigger.

Some Examples Of Good Protein Sources

Here are some examples of protein sources and the amount needed per serving. Your goal is to consume enough protein so that your body can function at its best. It’s hard to accomplish both without the right amount of protein.

Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle
Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle

Grass-fed beef, chicken, fish, lamb, and turkey all make excellent natural sources of protein. Make sure the animal was not fed non-organic feed. This could lower the protein content by as much as 40%. If you’re going to be cooking the protein, then soy protein isolate is the way to go. If you’re going to buy it, make sure you read the labels.

Eggs are a good source of protein, as long as you buy high-quality eggs. A single egg has almost twice the proteins of a banana and only three calories. Of course, if you’re eating eggs for breakfast, then you don’t really need to consume more than one egg per day.

Fish: A High Source Of Protein

Fish is another high protein food and high in fat too. However, your health-conscious doctor might be happy to oblige you with some fish oil supplements. The main problem with fish oil is that it needs to be taken in order to achieve optimal health. There is a recent innovation called fish oil capsules which will provide all the omega-3’s you need, and don’t need to be taken to benefit.

Egg whites are another popular and natural source of proteins. Typically, the white egg has two egg yolks for every egg white and the most egg yolks you should eat is three or four per day.

Rice and pasta both contain complex carbohydrates that will convert to energy. It’s also a good idea to include these as part of your daily meals.

Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle
Right Protein Source: Guidelines To Build Muscle

Vegetables The Richest Source

Vegetables are among the richest sources of protein. But, because of their high water content, they also tend to be difficult to digest. They also have a lot of fiber, which means they aid digestion, but they also make for very easy to pack down portions.

Orange juice is also a good source of protein. It’s sugar-free, but that’s a good thing if you’re trying to lose weight because too much sugar can lead to binging and obesity.

Berries are tasty and nutritious, but they have little value as a source of protein. Instead, you should choose fresh vegetables that are high in protein. A bag of mixed berries is often a good source of protein.

Bottom Line

We’ve mentioned protein and carbohydrates, fat, and fruits and vegetables in this article, but nutritionists advice that most people are deficient in one or more of these key nutrients. So, take the time to read the labels, and become familiar with the amount of each nutrient you need. Remember that you only need proteins from natural sources, and you may want to start incorporating natural supplements into your diet.

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