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Vegan: Things Not To Eat

What Should A Vegan Not Eat?

Being a vegan means you should avoid all products and by-products that are originated from birds, animals, insects, or other creatures. The reason behind it is that the vegans don’t like to harm animals and avoid cruelty on such creatures just to fill their stomach.

So, the list of foods and recipes is limited yet interesting for vegans. You may know what a vegan should eat, but the list of what a vegan should not eat is comparatively quite long and lesser-known. Here are the surprising yet common products or items that a pure vegan cannot eat.

What Should A Vegan Not Eat?
What Should A Vegan Not Eat?

1. Meat

Almost all people are aware that both vegan and vegetarians do not eat meat. No matter its organ meat or beef, lamb, pork, veal, horse or any other wild meat, it is better to avoid to intake such things that are arising directly by slaughtering animals. Tofu and other similar products are good to eat by vegans as the replacement for the meat.

2. Dairy Products

Do you know that if you are a vegan, you cannot even eat ice creams? Sounds so unobvious and sad, right! Milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, cream, and such other dairy products are by-products of animals. So, it is strictly prohibited for vegans to consume such calcium-rich foods. That’s why they use Plant-based Milk and its items for sufficing the needs of calcium.

3. Bee Products

Most of the healthy and yummy things are banned for vegans. And it includes all bee products like Honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, etc. too. But it doesn’t really mean that they don’t eat delicious foods. They just find an alternate for such foods.

What Should A Vegan Not Eat?
What Should A Vegan Not Eat?

4. Poultry Products

Not only the poultry products but also fish and sea-foods are falling under non-consumable items for a vegan. So, chicken, turkey, goose, duck, quail, and other products which come directly or indirectly from poultry are not allowed to eat. All types of fishes, shrimp, squid, calamari, crab, lobster, and even, sauces made from are also in the list of ‘no’ when it comes to eating.

5. Marshmallows

Vegans do not eat gum, candies, jelly, and such other marshmallows because they all use gelatine. And many junk foods contain any such things. Many vegans are not aware of this fact and qualify the junk foods as vegan foods.

Let me tell you, gelatine is a protein which arises from boiling skin and other parts of animals. Other than this, salad dressing contains lecithin, which is a kind of oil derived from animal tissues or egg yolk. However, salad is a great vegan food but you should be sure that it is not dressed with such animal oils.

Final Words

Vegans tend to consume whole grain and its products. In fact, some whole grain products mix with other non-vegan items is also on the prohibition list. And bread is the best example of it. A vegan can eat the flour-made bread but if there is a mixture of any dairy product in it, such bread will be claimed as non-vegan food.

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